Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wii Memory Management Guide

We are all familiar with today's most innovative consumer electronics technology advances. Cell phones, portable media players, digital cameras and computers have all become household names. We are so used to having them around that we often forget these gadgets are not invincible and that, one sad day, they can malfunction or even totally break down.

To prevent disasters, smart users back up their data and most precious memories. They have a copy of the information in a safe place, and if their equipment does break down, the data can be immediately retrieved and restores, and life goes on as if nothing ever happened.

Backing up files and games

In an era where almost anyone is familiar with computers, most everyone knows how important it is to backup important files. Having a simple backup is a great way to prevent the loss of vital information or can help you recover lost data from damaged or corrupted discs.

One of the best ways to secure your game saves, Channels and games downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel, which you stored on the wii internal memory, is by backing them up to a portable SmartDigital (SD) card. Unfortunately, you can only have one copy of each file at all times. This means that you will have to remove the old files from your SD card before you can copy the new data. Don't be impatient if the process takes a few minutes and you will have to wait a while before you can return to your game of 'Monsters vs Aliens'. Removing the SD card, or turning the system off during the backup procedure, may corrupt the data and make the entire SD card unusable. SD cards are not only used to backup files, but can also transfer data between Wiis, and move photos and music onto your system.

Remember, a simple backup procedure will not only preserve your game data, but can also help you save lots of time and money if you do not have to replace lost games. With the saved dollars you can buy more fine Wii console accessories or additional controllers and games.

Deleting Data

Deleting files from the Wii's internal memory is pretty similar to the backup process. From the Wii Menu just click on the proper icons until you hit the 'Erase' button. A word of caution: make sure that when you delete a file you are absolutely sure you will never need it again. Once you click that 'Yes' confirm button, the file is gone and there is no getting it back.

Restoring Files

Backup files on a portable memory card are like gold when they have to replace damaged or lost data and games. Before starting the restoration, you will have to delete any corrupt files on your system. Once that has been accomplished you can insert your portable memory card in the slot in the front of your system, go the Wii menu and start the copying/restoration process.

Moving files between Wii's

SD cards are handy vehicles to transport files from one Wii to another and a convenient way to share saved game data with friends. However, it is illegal to transfer Wii Channels and downloaded games from the Wii Shop Channel this way. This means that, if you still want to share this information with your buddies, you will have to take your entire Wii system along. No big deal, right, and still better than a hard, steel bunk in a jail!

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