Thursday, October 1, 2009

Joe Simpson Confirms Ashlee’s Nose Job

After more than a year of coy answers from Ashlee Simpson regarding her May 2006 nose job, her father Joe has finally confirmed that his daughter went under the knife.

In an interview with Fox News, Joe says he had no control over Ashlee’s decision to undergo rhinoplasty.

“Girls have their own ideas,” he shrugged. “Anyway, there was a real problem with her breathing and that was cured.”

Joe, who also serves as manager to Ashlee, 22, and her sister Jessica, 27, credits good parenting as the reason his daughters haven’t gone the way of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

“We have a real family,” he said. “You can’t just put these kids out in the world and they’re on their own. I can remember a time when Jessica was singing at Madison Square Garden and her outfit ripped before she went on. We were there for her.”

And then there was Ashlee’s Saturday Night Live debacle.

“She’d lost her voice, and Jordan Schur [then the head of her record label] insisted she lip-synch,” he said. “She’d never done it before. She didn’t want to do it. Anyway, she’ll never do it again. We just did a huge tour, and there was no lip-synching.”

The former Baptist minister also denies claims that he’s a controlling father. “I don’t tell my girls who to date or marry or what to do.”

He also has no hard feelings against former son-in-law Nick Lachey.

“I have nothing against Nick,” he told me. “But they got married very young. I told Jessica, ‘You’re going to hit an age when it’s all going to be clear to you — life that is — and you’ll know what you want to do.’”

Joe added: “I do blame 50 percent of their break-up on the media.”

Source: US Magazine

Ashlee on Pregnancy: “Time Will Tell”

Ashlee Simpson is still remaining mum on impending motherhood.

The newly betrothed singer dodged pregnancy talk yet again on the Today show Friday morning when Matt Lauer prodded about “expanding the family.”

“Well, you know, that’s been going around for about a year now, so only time will tell with that,” Ashlee answered.

Without missing a beat, and changing the topic entirely, the 23-year-old quipped, “But I am giving birth to my record [Bittersweet World]. That’s my new baby.”

While she continued to be coy about her pregnancy, which OK! confirmed on Monday, Ashlee couldn’t stop gushing about her fiancĂ©, Pete Wentz, and the “great job” he did at picking out her new rock.

“I’m very lucky,” she said.

Asked if they have settled on a wedding date, Ash said they don’t have one in mind just yet.

“Right now, we’re just enjoying the engagement.”