Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Untold Benefits of Working from Home

Once the technology was ready, it was only a matter of time. Catering to the universal dream of financial independence, the work-from-home phenomenon assured jobs to even the marginalized individual; the new parents who want to spend more time with their kids, the remote dwellers who find it hard to commute to a conventional office, and the disabled who do have the required skills but are otherwise limited to staying at home. People who have taken the challenge, the telecommuters and the freelancers, are attracted by the prospect of making money working home.

The technology that allows all this money working home to happen is an improved telecommunications link, broadband internet, intranet, routers, Wi-Fi, laptops, videoconferencing, VOIP or voice over IP, email, IM, and all these new tools of the telecommunications trade. There is an increasing trend towards decentralization of the workplace as a result. As the technology has become more and more affordable, more people are thinking of using it to good advantage. Having money working home and not going to office is becoming a smart option to a lot of people nowadays.

For those who see this as a way to supplement existing income, and to those who are doing mainly freelance work, there is a myriad possibility for earnings. The long list of jobs to be had in making money working home includes selling your products in the virtual marketplace, selling stock photography and video in special websites, blogging and blog networking, and affiliate marketing. Then there is the possibility of offering any of the services that can be performed online; this might include technical support for software or assisting other web workers with their secretarial and other menial tasks. For those who have the skills, there are a number of project-oriented sites where freelancers and their customers meet. Professional designers and writers especially thrive in this type of online freelance market.

This kind of work arrangement has also been tried by some of the more regular companies. The employees of these future-looking companies are given more freedom in terms of working schedule and work location, but more emphasis has been made on a results-based kind of management. This ensures that the employees can still look forward to regular earnings despite the new set-up, as long as they send in satisfactory results. The management shift and new working style will take some getting used to, especially for those who are used to the daily office environment, but still there are plenty of benefits in this arrangement. Employee flexibility, increased productivity, less commuting, more quality time for work and other activities, and of course, the ever important environmental impact.

In an environmental worldview, the fact that it is now easy for anybody to earn money working home has reduced the carbon footprint of many people. This alone would be persuasive enough for some concerned individuals to join the work-from-home movement.

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