Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Domestic Green Engineer - An Emerging Profession

With the rising concern for the environment, the demand for a domestic green engineer is on the rise. In the past, the nations were more concerned about their developments than the environment. This resulted in the gradual degradation of the environment, and an ecological imbalance. Consequently, there have been changes in the food chains; increases in air and water pollution; depletion of non-renewable energy resources; and deforestation and fast erosion of the top fertile soil. Now, the nations have woken up to these problems and are trying to restore the balance of nature. A domestic green engineer greatly helps the world in this endeavor.

Role Of A Domestic Green Engineer:

These engineers help the builder's to make green buildings, and homeowners to practice sustainable living. Thus, they help in protecting the environment, saving money, and building a healthy community. The homes and buildings are big emitters of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. By making small changes, like using energy efficient appliances, homeowners can considerably reduce their carbon footprints. These engineers are trained in various aspects, like electrical systems, plumbing, installation of solar heating systems, rainwater harvesting, etc. They help to build homes that make maximum use of renewable energy resources and are energy efficient and in sync with the environment. They help to reduce the electricity consumption of the buildings by using optimal electrical solutions, and green plumbing practices.

In many states it is mandatory to make provision for rainwater harvesting, and sewage disposal plants, while constructing new buildings. People are more concerned about their health and environment these days, and, hence. Prefer to live in homes constructed with natural materials. The world governments have also increased their focus on the environment and are allocating big budgets for green issues. All this has resulted in increased demand for domestic green engineers. This sector lacks skilled and trained manpower and, hence, it's a good idea to enter into this profession; particularly, if you have an inclination towards sustainable development. The demand for the professionals trained in this field is also driven by the fact that the environment rules and regulations have become strict, and various tax benefits are offered to the builders and the owners of green buildings currently.

Due to the prevailing global economic crisis, there are fewer job openings in most sectors, but green jobs are still hot. Even though companies and governments are reducing their expenditures on a number of things, there is no such cut in budget for protecting the environment. The jobs for these engineers exist in a number of fields. You can become an instructor, join an NGO, work with a construction company, or start your own consultancy business.

If you want to become a domestic green engineer, then you should search the Internet to find the institutes offering these courses. The duration and educational qualifications depend upon the type of course you are considering. Since there is a trend to opt for recession proof careers, many institutes have started offering these courses. You can pursue a domestic green engineer course even through distance education.

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