Monday, August 17, 2009

Mobile Phone Ring tones Converter

Are you fed up with the same ring tone that plays on your mobile cell phone? Why not try using a ring tone converter. Ring tone converter is fundamentally computer software which helps you to improve new ring tones to your mobile phones. Mobile Ring tone converter can be used for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac Systems. The system allows adding together new ring tones in the mobile phones without the use of expensive cable network or premium rates SMS services.

The program's edge is very easy to use, it's almost automatic, not overloaded with too many buttons and menus. One-click Ringtone Converter provides quality settings that best fit cellular phone to make ringtones rich and compact. It creates ringtones in such a manner that they sound loudly and clearly even if your source audio isn't loud enough!

Do you have a favorite song or melody? We all do. With the ringtone converter, you can not only access them, but upload them into your cellular phone. You could spend hours deciding which tunes you would like to use on your phone. Note: Ensure the songs you are uploading are not violating copyright restrictions.

Your next question might be: "How do I upload the ringtones to my phone?" It's very simple. Check the many ringtone converter sites offered online. Some sites have trial offers, as well as free downloads. Once you have downloaded the software, a box will appear asking for the following information:

Once you've made your selection, click on the conversion button, and another series of instructions will appear to assist you in adding the ringtones to your cell phone. Here is another great feature of the ringtone converter: if you have an older model, or a model that does now appear when selecting step one, you can choose an alternate model and still be able to upload the ringtones.

If you are a webmaster, you may have incorporated midi files on your site. The good news is with the ringtone converter, you can upload midi files to your cell phone as well. If you think this is exciting, wait! A special feature of the ringtone converter allows you to conduct a search of over thousands of ringtones available on the internet.

Not sure what ringtone format is good for your phone? It's not a problem with One-click Ringtone Converter. You just pick your phone model on the list and it will show you the ringtones supported by your phone. One-click Ringtone Converter supports more than one thousand phone models. You can save your ringtones to your computer for later transferring by the cable or Bluetooth, or let One-click Ringtone Converter send them to your phone via the Internet. Without cables! And it's a free service, no hidden fees!

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