Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Using the color palette in Photoshop

The color palette is a quick way you can create a color in Adobe Photoshop CS3. The color palette lets you quickly check the amount of red, green and blue in the color you want. Follow these steps to use the color palette to create a background or foreground color of your Photoshop document .

Start Adobe Photoshop CS3 and open an existing document from your files or start a new blank document .

Select the "Window" menu and click on "Color" to open the color palette. The color palette consists of three sliders that contain values beside each .

Click the foreground or background color of the document. These are represented by two seats on the palette. The color on top is the foreground color while the color in the background is the background color .

Click the palette you want to use the colored stripe is set to the bottom of the palette .

Slide the "R" slider to the right or left, or enter a value. This controls the amount of red is part of your selected color .

Slide the "G" and "B" sliders to the right, left or type of securities. The "G" slider controls that is included in green color while the "B" blue slider controls how much color is included in the .

Use color you created in the color palette as would with any color in your current Photoshop document.

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