Sunday, August 16, 2009

Walter Hagen Forged Irons

Walter Hagen Forged Irons are named after the famous golfer Walter Hagen who spent his life in golf and in finding just the right kind of club which he decided to make for his own use and to turn a nice profit. His father was a blacksmith, and he was a professional golfer. In 1927 he started his own company making golf clubs designed by him and signed with his name. The clubs hit the ball with the steel shaft that is forged at the foot of each iron. The clubs are identified as Hagen with his name found on the foot of the club. The clubs steel shafts are fine examples of elegant workmanship and appear to have been forged by hand.

The golf clubs come in 4 iron with regular steel shaft, the 7 iron with steel stiff shaft, the 8 iron with ultra contour sole shaping, 8 iron with steel regular flex, 9 iron ultra contour sole 385 with steel stiff, 9 iron with steel regular flex shaft. Walter Hagen Forged Irons are easily identifiable with the famous golfer's signature, On the 8 and 9 ironsHaig-Ultra is part of the branding of the iron and are further identifiable with the words contoursole. The irons are really beautiful.

Walter Hagen devoted his life to golf. His addition of a company to manufacture his preferred weight and feel club with the forged metal made him very wealthy. Walter Hagen Forged Irons look as if a blacksmith worked out the pattern and made function and straight shooting their intended aim.

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