Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alabama Deer Hunting FAQ'

When you speak about hunting, one of the most popular sports in North America is Alabama deer hunting. In line with this, some frequently asked questions are presented here to aid readers and potential hunters in dealing with this kind of sports.

* What is the hunting season in Alabama?

Normally, the season for Alabama deer hunting opens around October up to January. This season is divided according to the major type of tool for deer stalking: the bow hunting and the gun hunting. The bow season starts around October 15th while the gun season begins in mid-November. Both seasons run up to the 31st of January. Over all, there are 108 days for a hunter to harvest a deer.

* What type of deer is being hunted in Alabama?

The most sought after kind of deer not just in Alabama but in most parts of North America, is the white-tailed deer or the Virginia deer. This medium-sized deer is native to United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, and Central America. They also thrive on the east of Rocky Mountains. Though this deer can very well adapt to any habitat, they love the prairie, savanna woodlands, and sage, which makes Alabama a perfect place for them. For their appearance, they have large antlers in proportion to their large tails and body size.

* What is Alabama's annual harvest?

The state has over 250,000 animal harvests each year, with the highest deer density in the southern region of the state. Good harvest management is taught to deer hunters to maintain and balance the deer populations across Alabama. This is in line with the major issue in tracking down an injured animal. They must ensure that the deer is not devoid of its right to exist. Thus, hunters are recommended to hunt with safety and ethics.

* What methods of deer hunting are allowed in Alabama?

A deer can be hunted using a bow, a modern gun, a crossbow, a muzzleloader, or a spear. Certain parts of Alabama allow hunting of deer with the use of dogs. The choice of method in deer hunting, in general, solely depends on the hunter.

* What are the limits in deer hunting?

All persons planning to hunt on the private lands of another must secure a written permission from the landowner. Hunting through the use of bait is also illegal. All hunting licenses must also be in the possession of the hunter during the hunt.

* What are the safety recommendations of the state government regarding deer hunting?

Most hunters are advised to use a small pen light while traveling in their hunting area. This is to help identify hunters during lowlight conditions. Another advice is never hunt from an elevated stand without the use of harness. This is because the most common hunting accident is falling from tree stands.

These are some of the questions often asked about Alabama deer hunting. If you need further information, you may inquire at Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

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