Friday, September 25, 2009

Lindsay Lohan is destroying little sister Ali


It’s rather pointless to wonder what’s wrong with Lindsay Lohan anymore. There are people who you can tell are going through a phase, and then there are people who you can tell that’s just who they are. Lindsay isn’t just some careless girl acting out in her early twenties. This is who she is, and I honestly feel it’s who she always will be. Mostly it’s a numbers game: she just has too many issues working against her. And not enough going for her in terms of intellect and self-awareness. But Lindsay’s not content with merely destroying her own life – she’s got to bring others down with her.

According to Life & Style, Lindsay’s become super close with her 15-year-old sister Ali. From what I’ve noticed it seems like they’ve always been fairly close, especially considering there’s an 8 year age difference between them. And technically Lindsay lives on the west coast while Ali lives on Long Island with their mom. But apparently in the last year or so, as Lindsay’s fallen farther and farther into the crazy pit, she’s been relying more and more on Ali – to the point that Ali has dropped out of high school to spend all her time with Lindsay. Technically she’s in a home school program, but no one believes she’s really doing it; it’s just for legality’s sake.

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