Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lady Gaga pulls a Donatella Versace & writes a song for Michael Bolton


Of all the looks Lady Gaga has tried, this one is the most offensive. I wasn’t even disturbed by her Kermit-the-frog-carcass dress, or by her Ritz-cracker hat. But this faux-Donatella Versace look is killing me, and not in a good way. Who wants to look like Donatella? And not even pure Donatella - Donatella mixed with a healthy dose of pastel-pink poodle. Here’s something that will offend you even more - the whole V Magazine photo shoot was done by famed photographer Mario Testino. What the hell was Testino thinking? His mission in life isphotographing women so they look gorgeous, flawless, immaculate and amazing. Why did he get on the Lady Gaga crazy train?

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