Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jessica Simpson Changed Number So Exes Can’t Contact Her

Jessica Simpson was put in the hot seat on Thursday’s The View, answering a slew of “true” or “false” questions from Barbara Walters.

Moving in with Tony Romo?

“No comment,” Simpson said. “I gotta get used to saying that!”


“They must have me confused with my sister!” she said. “I’m definitely not pregnant.”

Walters also asked if she has ever had to change her cell phone number and email address so ex boyfriends can’t contact her.

“True,” said Simpson, who has romanced John Mayer, Adam Levine and Jude Law, since ending her marriage to Nick Lachey.

Look back at Jessica Simpson’s famous Us Weekly covers.

This isn’t the first time she had dropped an interesting bit about an ex. (In September’s Elle, she vaguely mentioned, “I have definitely experienced abuse in a way that I would tell people to take their heart and run.”)

She says she is in a better place now, admitting that she isn’t afraid to speak publicly about her romance with Romo.

“I believe when you are in love, you might as well stand up on the mountaintop and say it,” she said on The View.

See who’s more in love: Jessica or Ashlee Simpson.

On the Late Show With David Letterman Thursday, she poked fun at critics who accused her of jinxing Romo’s career.

“I really think it’s because I was wearing a pink No. 9 jersey and not a blue one,” she said.

“If you had been in blue that wouldn’t be a problem?” asked Letterman.

“Well, so far I’ve been wearing blue, and they’re doing great,” she replied. “I’ll never wear a pink one again!”

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