Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lady Gaga did bags of cocaine & listened to The Cure

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really have a problem with Lady Gaga. I don’t think she’s as original or as groundbreaking as she thinks she is, but generally speaking, she seems pretty harmless. But one thing I do find funny is how everyone basically goes along with the idea that she’s “23 years old”. Really? I mean, she honestly might be 23, if she’s lived a really, really, rough life, but the girl looks like mid to late thirties to me. Now Lady Gaga is opening up about her rough life, though - and we may have an answer for why she looks older than the Grande Dame of Gristle herself, Madonna.

According to Gaga, she “did bags and bags of cocaine” back in the day (“the day” = 2005). Gaga says that all she would so is sit around doing coke and listening to The Cure. It sounds a lot like me when I was thirteen, minus the endless coke supply.

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